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Holly is an authentic and highly accurate medical intuitive with a proven 97% accuracy rate and has been doing medical intuitive readings professionally for over 20 years.  She was born with her medical intuitive ability that became apparent at a young age.  As a teenager she was able to perceive medical conditions in people and receive information from her spirit guides.  When she was 22-years old she shocked people when she was able to see into a stranger's body and see that she had cancer throughout her body with but 3 months left to live.  This was confirmed as being 100% accurate afterwards. She is able to see into and "read" people's bodies and detect what diseases, conditions and pathogens are present with astonishing accuracy and has helped thousands of people all over the world to regain their health.  Her readings have been compared to Carolyn Myss, Edgar Cayce and Anthony Williams.  

She has the ability to precisely scan a person's body similar to an MRI and see what diseases are present, the condition and functioning of body systems, organs, any injuries or pathogens that are present and what is causing your symptoms and health challenges.  She is able to trace illnesses and health conditions back even to when it started and why, see the root causes on a physical level and also the root issues or blocks causing a health challenge.  She will also see intuitively what natural remedies or treatments are needed to bring your body back to a state of vibrant health.  These readings are extremely detailed with a lot of information coming through from Spirit.  She has helped thousands of people with her readings, people with undiagnosed health problems that want to know what is wrong and how to regain their health, with diagnosed health problems where allopathic and holistic practitioners have not been able to help them, or people wanting to treat their condition holistically.  Almost all of her clients that have followed the intuitive recommendations have recovered from their health challenges. Your body is talking to you, are you listening?

All consultations are done over the phone or Skype worldwide with the same accuracy as in person and you will receive a recording of the reading.  

What happens in a Medical Intuitive Reading?

~ Detect what diseases, injuries and pathogens are present, the condition and functioning of body systems and organs.

~ Scan for viruses, bacterias, fungus, Candida, yeast, mold, parasites, heavy metals, toxins, chemicals.

~ Look for nutritional deficiencies or imbalances.  

~ Look for the root causes of a condition physically, emotionally, spiritually, any issues or blocks connected to or causing a health challenge.  Trace the health challenge back to it's origin, where it started and why, if needed.

~ Detect all weak areas in the body that need healing and what form that would be.  

~ An intuitive health plan of what you need specifically, what natural remedies and treatments will bring your body back into harmony and vibrant health.  

~ Answer any questions you have related to your health.  

~ The session is recorded and you will receive the recording via email within a few days.

For a Medical Intuitive Reading please fill out a New Client Registration Form and include a list of your health challenges, symptoms, diagnosis and exactly what you want addressed in your reading, along with your phone number or Skype name.  At your appointment time please be sitting in a quiet room by yourself where you won't be disturbed. 

You will receive a link to meet on zoom.


"I can't tell you how happy I was after my medical intuitive session last night.  Thank you just doesn't begin to express how wonderful and lucky I feel to know you and avail of your talents!"  JA, Qatar

"You gave me the answers to my health problems in 1 hour that I have been searching for the answers to for 25 years!" DB, Hawai'i 

"I suffered from debilitating health problems that no one could diagnose for years.  I went to everyone and no one could help me.  It wasn't until I found you and had a medical intuitive reading and following healings that I have gotten better.  I can't believe I am celebrating my return to health!"  CH, Denmark

medical intuitive reading~ 55 minutes $375

Medical intuitive reading~ 25 minutes $200

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