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Connect with the Angels and Spirit guides to receive their Divine wisdom, guidance and help in your life.

Holly was born extremely intuitive, clairvoyant, clairaudient and empathic, and has always been able to see, hear and communicate with her Spirit guides and Angels her whole life.  She has been very blessed and grateful to receive their Divine guidance and help throughout her life.  She also has a group of Angels that channel communications to her.  She has been doing Intuitive Readings for 35 years, sharing the wisdom and Divine guidance of people's own guides and Angels with them to help them in their lives also.  In an Intuitive Angel Reading she will connect to her group of Angels as well as your own Spirit guides and Angels to bring you their Divine wisdom and guidance for your life and answers to your questions about life direction, relationships, career, money, past lives or life challenges.  The people that have followed the Divine guidance given in these readings have had wonderful things happen in their life!  These life changing readings are not to be missed!    

What happens in an Angel Reading?

~ Please have a list of questions and what you want to have addressed with you for your reading and be sitting in a quiet room by yourself where you won't be disturbed.

~ Holly will connect to her group of Angels as well as your own Spirit guides and Angels to bring you their Divine wisdom and guidance and answers to your questions.  

~ Ask about life challenges you are facing, life direction, career, money, relationships, soul mate, past lives, issues, life's path or lessons.  

~ Many people want to know more about their own Spirit guides and Angels, have a general life reading, or let whatever guidance the Spirit guides and Angels have for them come through.

~ The reading will be recorded and emailed to you a few days after the reading.  


"You gave me an intuitive reading about my life and what direction I should take and especially about my career.  I followed all of the guidance and within 2 weeks everything just fell into place.  I have now gotten a dream job that I never thought possible, my whole life has changed and I am so happy!!  MV, Sweden 

"You told me in a reading 6 months ago that I was going to loose a lot of weight, meet the man of my dreams and move into a wonderful house together with him.  Frankly I didn't believe it at the time.  But I want you to know that it has all happened just like you said it would and even the house is exactly like what you described!  You are incredible!!"  BN, Sweden

"Thank you for the wonderful reading.  It was so nice to meet my guides and Angels and hear their guidance for my life.  I am doing just what they said!"  PT, Hawai'i 

Image by Josh Howard

angel reading~
55 min. session $250

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