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An internationally known medical intuitive and energy healer, Holly was born with natural healing and medical intuitive abilities. She realised by the age of 5 that she could heal with her hands and could see and communicate with her Angels, Spirit guides and the nature Spirits. 


She has dedicated the last 35 years of her life to this work and has helped tens of thousands of people from new born to the elderly, with all kinds of illnesses, even terminal, incurable or undiagnosable, to regain their health and their lives.  


She has been trained in many different quantum healing modalities as well as developing her own methods and this together with her extremely accurate medical intuitive ability, has made her a very sought after healer and medical intuitive.

She is a Divine energy healer, a transformational coach, works with clearing root issues and causes behind illnesses, and with past life healing, body alignment, intuitive readings as well as her highly accurate and gifted medical intuitive abilities.   


She is known internationally as a renowned and highly accurate medical intuitive, quantum energy healer, clairvoyant and transformational life coach and works with clients worldwide.  


Join her on an extraordinary journey to heal your body, mind & spirit and transform your health & your life!​

Image by Chris Ensey




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